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An Evaluation of Current Applications of 3D Visualization Software in Landscape Architecture 
Year: 2014 
An Evaluation of Current Stormwater Best Management Practice Relationships Between Design and Efficiency; A Series of Local and National Case Studies 
Year: 2013 
An Evaluation of Land Use Planning Workshops Held in Utah during 1973 
Year: 1973 
An Evaluation of the Current Curriculum within Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department at Utah State University  
Year: 1996 
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Cache County, Utah Policies for Agricultural Lands Preservation 
Year: 1984 
An Evaluation of the Relationships Between Design and Removal Efficiency of Current Stormwater Best Management Practices 
Year: 2011 
An Examination of What Motivates Utah Residents to Adopt the Practice of Rainwater Harvesting 
Year: 2018 
An Exploration of Riparian Restoration and Landscape Architecture 
Year: 1999 
An Exploration of Sustainable Landscaping and Landscape Architecture 
Year: 2002 
An Exploration of the Potential Benefits of Healing Gardens on Veterans with PTSD 
Year: 2011