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A Guide to Landscape Design in Salt Lake City's Historic Districts 
Year: 1982 
An Investigation into Ecosystem Science and Management for the Sustainable Integration of the Built and Natural Environment 
Year: 2007 
Distributed Renewable Energy Generation and Landscape Architecture: A Critical Review 
Year: 2010 
Finding Lost Space: Theories of Urban Design 
Edition: 1 
Year: 1986 
ISBN: 0471289566 
ISBN 13: 9780471289562 
A Land Between: Owens Valley, California (Center Books on Space, Place, and Time) 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 0801864615 
ISBN 13: 9780801864612 
Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend: On Being a Mentor to Students in Science and Engineering 
Edition: 1 
Year: 1997 
ISBN: 0309063639 
ISBN 13: 9780309063630 
An Approach to Conservation and Open Space Planning in Semi-Rural Communities 
Year: 1973 
Biotechnical and Soil Bioengineering Slope Stabilization: A Practical Guide for Erosion Control 
Edition: 1 
Year: 1996 
ISBN: 0471049786 
ISBN 13: 9780471049784 
Community Wildfire Planning and Design: A Review and Evaluation of Current Policies and Practices in the Western United States 
Year: 2017 
Designing the sustainable site : integrated design strategies for small-scale sites and residential landscapes 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 0470900091 
ISBN 13: 9780470900093