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The Interface of Landscape Architecture and Outdoor Recreation Planning 
Year: 2000 
The Permit System: Results and Implications after Nine Years of Use in the Snyderville Basin, Summit County, Utah, and Fourteen Years of Use in Breckenridge, Colorado 
Year: 1992 
1968 HUD Awards for Design Excellence 
Year: 1968 
1999 ASLA Annual Meeting Proceedings 
Year: 1999 
2005 Tax & Financial Guide For College Teachers And Other College Personnel: For Filing 2004 Tax Returns 
Year: 2004 
ISBN: 0916018598 
ISBN 13: 9780916018597 
A Comparative Review of Wetland Mitigation Practices: Monitoring, Maintaining, and Funding Mitigated Wetlands 
Year: 2001 
A Comparative Review of Wetland Mitigation Practices: Evaluation, Staffing, and Inventory 
Year: 2001 
A Comparative Study of the United States Highway 89/91: Wellsville to Logan Corridor-Logan to Smithfield Corridor 
Year: 2001 
A Comparison of Park Access with Park Need for Children: Case Study in Cache County, Utah 
Year: 2017 
A Critical Evaluation of the Sustainable Sites Initiatives Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009 As Applied to the Design and Development of the Orem, Utah Intermodal Center 
Year: 2012